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'November 1.. The image of the Hurricane is one of a series of images demonstrating stages of our mind or levels of consciousness - from the base stage of unconsciousness to the final stage of unification where there is absolute knowledge of ourselves and our environment.

At each stage, we surpass a material boundary and physical senses and enter the realm of inner feelings - ultimately where no word can be heard, no images can be seen, no texture can be felt, nothing but the inner feeling. 

We are one with the whole and a reflection of the whole - “unity in multiplicity, multiple manifestations of that unity”. Movement in the images -representing reflection and thinking- moves faster and faster as the material boundaries and layers dissolve. We are passing through the stages of storm, typhoon, tornado.. which help us get to the next stage of consciousness.

We have been struck by the hurricane Sandy and other natural catastrophes in our lives. They can be viewed as awakening calls for humanity to achieve a higher state of consciousness. This state leads to that final stage of unification where our vision, mission, and action become one for the progress and welfare of humanity.’  

~Amelia Taeed


'August 20.. An exceptional opportunity for the lovers of Art: 

My creation Rothko Watery, a magnificent metal tableau is 50% off for the month of August, aiming to support a new project! This mystical inspired pattern will create a unique atmosphere in your residence, hotel, yacht or public space.’ ~Amelia Taeed


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